An unique event, with greatness and luxury of the Vienna traditions


Everyone can become the full-fledged participant of a ball, irrespective of age and ability to dance.
It is the whole culture of the relations, communication and etiquette.
An opportunity to touch creativity and art.
To be in the center of secular society.
To find new and interesting acquaintances.
To solemnly spend evening in music of orchestra.



Choose a category

1. Entrance ticket
5.000 rub.

2. Entrance and Gala Dinner
12.000 rub.

3. VIP
20.000 rub.




  • Registration of guests (invitations and e-tickets)
  • Checkroom for quests
  • Sparkling Welcome
  • Light meals
  • Photozone

We urge all guests not to be late and to arrive to the Ball no later than 18:45. The Opening Ceremony of a ball will begin exactly at 19:00. The entrance to the hall will be closed till 20:00.

Opening ceremony

The ball opens under sounds of fanfares in the main Europe hall. Traditionally the ball is opened a procession of hosts of a ball and the famous guests, then the speech of opera singers, ballet dancers follows and professional ball dancers finish opening. Then, all guests are invited for the first Vienna Valls

Waltz all!
The ball is considered open!

Dancing and gastronomic pauses

During the whole evening guests will be able to enjoy the known pair dances, such as: waltz, foxtrot, cha-cha-cha, samba and others. The main thing — all to the live music orchestras.

The dancing program will be interrupted for a speech of professional dancers and carrying out a festive lottery in which all guests will participate.

The ball is a place where everyone will be able to enjoy amazing atmosphere, to enjoy life, find new interesting acquaintances and of course, to dance and get acquainted with new dancing traditions.

Dancing traditions under the leadership of the Chief dancing-master

In the program of a ball, the dancing and not dancing guests under the leadership of the chief dancing-master of a ball will study everything and will dance dance a quadrille, a foxtrot and the Pole. These are the simplest, classical and traditional dances acquaintances and fun on everyone to a ball.

Even if you never danced and are not familiar with these dances at all, unambiguously we recommend to you to undergo the dancing dedication through such simple, mass dances.

Pay attention: At everyone to a ball there are assistants to the chief dancing-master ready in a few minutes to help you to join in any pleasant dance and to add a couple of new dancing “pases” to your arsenal.
Do not hesitate to ask them any dancing questions.



The ball is the culture of communication

which contributes to the development new business of the relations. This place of acquaintance of possible business partners. We unite history and modern culture, people of creativity and business of community.



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